The “What If…” Real Estate Agent

The “What If…” Real Estate Agent

Most real estate agents struggle because they ask the wrong question repeatedly. Whether or not they know it, they ask, "WHY ME?" Here, I share with you how to ask a different question—"WHAT IF...?" which will change your trajectory, business, and life. You’re asking...

The Clear, Focused & Productive Agent | Justin Stoddart

The Clear, Focused & Productive Agent | Justin Stoddart

Why do some real estate agents sell lots of properties while most do not?

The real estate agents who do are:
–and productive

They simply do the right things consistently enough to get results. While this is simple, it is not easy.

But it did just get a lot easier.

I’ve created a tool to help you be one of the clear, focused and productive real estate agents who do sell a lot of properties.

The Upstream Model

You don't need more cold leads. You need more warm referrals. Learn how to get them flowing into your business from professionals in neighboring industries.

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