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Hey, welcome back to the Think Bigger Real Estate Show. So excited to be here today about a topic that is, I think so important to the industry, which is how do successful, loving, caring, thoughtful moms stay that way while still succeeding big in real estate? And I have with me today, Stephanie Peck.

Stephanie Peck 0:17
Yeah. Hi.

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Thank you so much for being here, Stephanie. Yeah, this is such a treat. Because, you know, guys consider around and pontificate and talk all day long about what we think the solution is for moms. But it really doesn’t do it justice. What really needs to happen is for us to bring someone to the plate, who’s for the past 10 years, is that right?

Stephanie Peck 0:36
Yeah. 12 years, actually,

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12 years in real estate, has managed and grown a very successful real estate practice and yet been a fantastic mom. So now I know that conversation kind of weighs heavy on a lot of moms, I was in a top agent mastermind I can reference this yesterday. And some producers, some of which sell 100 homes a year. And the kind of constant feeling of like, Am I doing enough? At home? Am I doing enough for my clients? Like, is that a real feeling? Do you feel that?

Stephanie Peck 1:05
Yeah, all the time, I’m always thinking, how am I going to be the best at everything, and also trying to remember that it’s okay to not be the best at everything. Yeah, that’s always my balance.

Justin Stoddart 1:17
You know,

it’s been really interesting. I was raised in an entrepreneurial family, my mom was a very successful business owner. And I cannot think of something that she could have done better, in fact, because of what she did outside of the home and inspired me to similarly want to, you know, build a business. And so I’m grateful for the fact that not all moms are built a like some, like our dedicate like my wife, for example. She works one day a week as a nurse, and she thrives in that environment. Like my mom would have driven me and my siblings crazy. Had she been home? Right? Yeah, she’s just wired to be like, very different. And so I don’t know if you feel that way as well, like some moms like are better moms by both, like having some participation in the large participation, the workforce.

Stephanie Peck 2:04
Yeah, I definitely feel that way. Personally, I,

I went back and forth a lot about whether I wanted to be a stay at home mom or a working mom or part-time, I’m always trying to figure out where my place was in that. And I know for me when my kids were younger, and I was able to spend a lot of time at home with them. I’m so grateful for that time. And I love that I was able to do that. But now I personally am so much happier, doing what I’m doing and still being able to be the mom that I want it to be.

Justin Stoddart 2:41
Now that’s some moms probably have that. That guilt, right, that feeling of like,

I’m giving up kids, let’s talk a little bit about motherhood. For those that know me, some of you don’t know me as well, others do know that at the core of who I am, I’m a family guy. And family is the most important thing to me. So and I honestly believe that there’s no greater work than one will do than within the walls of their own home. Right? That’s a quote that stuck with me ever since I was young. And I believe that, that a lot of realtor moms feel that same way to have even though they build a great business build a great empire, they realize that all shrinks in comparison to the work that they’re doing. And raising up the next generation talk a little bit about kind of your feelings about motherhood and home just so that those things like, well, she doesn’t like she doesn’t get me because of she obviously family’s kind of the second tier to her. And I know that’s not true, right? Talk a little bit about like, your feelings towards motherhood and being a mom and all that.

Stephanie Peck 3:33
Yeah. So for me, I, I got into real estate because I wanted to do it for my family. And because I wanted to be the mom that I wanted to be knowing that I still wanted to be a working mom. But I didn’t want to be a drop off at daycare, 10 hour a day kind of a mom. That was just my personal choice. And that’s how I wanted to have my family structured. So that’s when I got started in real estate was with that goal in mind. So for me, I’m always trying to think about why did I do this? Why did I decide to get into this business? And who am I serving because of it? So I focus on what I want to do for my family because of real estate and not the other

way around is

Justin Stoddart 4:21
interesting that we’ve talked about before. You’ve mentioned before about how important it is to to have a clear why right? Because I know that in real estate you get in any training, and it’s like more and more and more bigger, bigger, bigger. Yeah. sell, sell, sell. Yeah. And unless you’re reaching the highest small percentile in the industry, sometimes you feel like a loser, right? It’s like, Oh, I didn’t make the top 10%. Top 1%. I should strive for more. But what you mentioned is having a really clear why to know like, when enough is enough, right? How you kind of came to that conclusion, because I’m sure that is talented as you are, you could have a bigger business if you chose to. But you’ve probably chosen at times to throttle back to say no to this, this and this. So that you can still be the mom you want to be.

Stephanie Peck 5:01
Right. Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m doing. And that’s kind of that inner battle that I’m always fighting to because I’m I’m a driven person. I’m a think bigger kind of a person

Justin Stoddart 5:11
why she’s here.

Yeah. Fellow big thinker.

Stephanie Peck 5:14
Yeah. So you know, I’m always thinking about what could I be doing next? What should I be doing more of? But always going back to that, why? Why did I want to be here in the first place? It’s because I wanted to be the kind of mom that was able to go on the field trips, I wanted to be the kind of mom that is dropping my kids off at school and picking them up from school as much as possible. So I scheduled my time, but you know, at 230 usually is cut off time for a little while. And I spend time with my kids after school and then go back to it, you know, once the husband gets home, and I head out for evening showings. And so for me, I’ve always thought, who am I doing this for? And why am I doing it? And that means that I’m not going to be that, you know, big giant producer right now. And being okay with that, because I’m working for my family, and I’m working to give them a better life and give them more than I ever thought would be possible.

Justin Stoddart 6:16
Yeah. I think that, as you said, it’s important to be able to say no, and have a Be confident by saying like, No, I don’t want to go there yet. Maybe I don’t want to build a big team, right? Or maybe I do need some team members, right? Yes, I do need some support. Because as you and I both know, not all activities in real estate are paid the same. Right? There are certain things that are of high value to the customer. There are other things that need to happen. But doesn’t this still need to happen by you? Right? Have you found kind of getting into into the more tactical now, some tactical tips on things that you’ve decided like, okay, that needs to happen, but if I start doing that, it’s either that or picking my kids up at school? And so, therefore, I’m going to, I’m going to hire or create a better system or tool for that. What are those things? Yeah,

Stephanie Peck 6:58
for me, the big game changer was getting a transaction coordinator, and not spending that time behind the computer so that my time is best spent in front of people and meeting people and in front of clients showing houses doing the things that I’m best at, because somebody else can be behind the computer and doing behind the scenes getting the paperwork and stuff. So that was a game changer for me, because it also freed me up to where I wasn’t doing the after the kids go to bed, and then spending an hour or two doing paperwork, creating flyers, disclosures, all of that stuff that someone else can do for me. So that helps in the practical sense. A lot.

Justin Stoddart 7:39
Yeah, well, that’s great. I think you mentioned paperwork. I also heard you say, flyers, have you found that there’s some tactical stuff when it comes to creating flyers and creating so that basic marketing material that maybe you’ve got your fingerprint on, so that the wording of the ad copies, right, but it’s not necessarily you in the design program, creating the fire? Is that true?

Stephanie Peck 7:59
Yeah. For me, I’m maybe I’m a little more hands-on than I need to be sometimes, you know, I like it this way. I like it. But for me, I just created a lot of templates. And I spent the time up front to make all of those things plug and play, okay, so that somebody else can come in and I say I want you to know, photo 47 and 56 on this marketing piece, and somebody else can just plug it right in, it’s easier.

Justin Stoddart 8:25
You know, I’m taught that leverage comes in the form of people systems or tools, and it sounds like you’ve created you’re leveraging a good tool and a good system a good template. So that doesn’t take you a lot of time to have to recreate that.

Stephanie Peck 8:37
Yeah, yeah, exactly.

Justin Stoddart 8:38
That was you were here inside one of your beautiful listings. Yeah, Wildflower Lane in Oregon City, which happened to be some good, very good close friends of mine. And obviously, the home has been, you know, beautifully marketed and displayed. So that’s, that’s not like it’s falling on the wayside. It’s happening. You’ve just got a system to be sure happens well,

Stephanie Peck 8:56
right, exactly. And spending the time here, which is most important being in front of my clients and being in the houses instead of spending my time behind the computer.

Justin Stoddart 9:06
Yeah, that’s great. Let’s talk about you branded yourself as the Real Life Realtor.

Stephanie Peck 9:10

Justin Stoddart 9:11
Perfect, right for this topic today. Because any of us who are parents, and any of you that are moms realize that real life doesn’t always look like the perfect Instagram life. Right? Talk to us a little more about that brand, how you came to that and how that still fits today,

Stephanie Peck 9:27
right? I came up with the real-life realtor just popped in my head one day, because I really wanted to be giving the image and the impression out there that I’m just doing life, I’m a real-life person. And most of my clients are appreciating that and they’re relating to that. So I am able to stay with them. Here’s me doing the same things that you’re doing. So I understand how you live in your home, I understand how life goes, you know, so then they’re looking at me like that you’re a relatable person, you’re the kind of person that we want to be around. Instead of this figurehead type of person that we don’t want to do business with.

Justin Stoddart 10:09
I love that there’s some relate-ability, right? When people realize that, oh, you go home to a family as well. Oh, when you’re taking my call at 10 pm that means you might not be you know, having a good conversation with your husband, or tucking your kids into bed. Right? Like, I think it probably helps. I would imagine setting the expectation of like, I’m gonna kill it for you during business hours.

Stephanie Peck 10:27

Justin Stoddart 10:28
But outside of that, I’m just like you that I’ve got, there’s a reason why I’m doing real estate. And it’s because of my family. Right?

Stephanie Peck 10:35
Yeah. And it’s been pretty natural, because, for the most part, my business in the early stages of motherhood and business, a lot of my business came from moms groups preschool. So we were already on the same schedule and already doing the same thing. So I can be talking to my clients and saying, okay, we’re both tucking our kids in the bed between 730 and eight. So we know we’re not going to bug you too, during that time. Or they can send me a text or your kids in bed. Yeah, I have a question for you. So the expectation is there. And it’s helped me a lot. Because I’ve been always telling people being the real-life realtor and being a mom and doing life alongside you. I understand how you live, and I’ve been able to say things to people, like, I don’t know if this bedroom setup is going to work for you. Because when you have that Baby, you’re not going to want to walk up and down the stairs every time the baby cries. And that young first-time buyer says, Oh, I didn’t think about that. Or, you know, I know, I know what the schools are like, I know where the parks are, I know where the mom’s groups are and things like that. So, it makes my clients think you understand our life more than just a home.

Justin Stoddart 11:48
That’s interesting. When I was a general contractor, I competed against the gathering of Sandy and I can remember her last name. But she was a female general contractor, which was, you know, rarer than not. And she was some of my stiffest competition because she was very proficient at the building side. Yeah. But she had this one disability to I think, emotionally connect with her clients more so that we as men could do. Right. I think that’s an innate, God-given gift that women are given. And for you, you’re right. It’s kind of what you’ve, you’ve caused me to think about here a little bit, is it? The value of a real estate agent is not just buying and selling a home? Right. But it’s being an advisor? It’s helping people get find the right home and community and schools? And who better to talk about that, then one who has lived in a community? Yeah, right, has taken their kids to school and know what real life looks like, inside of what their life is gonna look like. Right? And that’s a really powerful way to be an advisor, right? Is it? I live it every day, I get it. Right at a different level. Right?

Stephanie Peck 12:46
Yeah. And I can say, you know, when my clients are coming from school or sports activities, then I know, I already know what their schedules like. And I know what it’s like to be running that kid to soccer practice at 530. And trying to get in dinner and all of that stuff. So when we’re looking at a home, I can say, Oh, this will be great for you, because school is just three minutes away, or this will be great for you because it’s easy to get in and out or the kids are going to love playing ball in this backyard. And painting that picture of life in that whole

Justin Stoddart 13:20
Yeah, you know, I think back about some very dear friends of mine, when my family was moving to Joshua city, Oregon, to Wilson bill, it was a challenging time for my family. My parents had moved up there because both of them had been on the road a lot building their own businesses. And they needed to, to protect the marriage and get them together more often. And so my mom went looking in school district trying to find one that was fairly similar. She came across the Wilson mill School District, love it thumbs up. And I’m the real to she ended up choosing. And I hope she’s watching that she’s actually a big fan of the show.

She was a real estate agent and her husband happened to be the head coach of the football team, which I was a football player. And so this like worked out really well. And she could give advice as nobody else could, right? Like there was not anybody that could hold a candle to what she did. And I get that that’s kind of a rare situation. But like the reality is she could give insight and and and connect my mom to people getting her husband and other staff members that nobody else could. Right, right. And I said I think that’s a missing side of real estate. It’s definitely a side that major tech companies are missing when they proclaim that they can do what real estate agents do or do it for less is that you’re taking out the human element, which in my opinion, is one of the most valuable components that real estate agents bring is that their knowledge of the community and their connections within the community that are going to help you find a house, they’re going to help you integrate into the community have a really good life inside that home.

Stephanie Peck 14:38
Yeah, yeah, I’ve been able to so many times get people connected with other people, you know, because they’re buying into the school district where my kids are in, or I’m just integrating everything that we do. My husband works in the city too. So being able to say I would just the other day closed on a house where I sold a home with a big shop, we love cars, we’re car people we go, where you know, in the car shows and everything. So when they bought the home, like, Oh, you love cars, so does this guy down the street, and they have kids that are the same age as all of our kids. You guys should be friends and just connecting them. So it’s so much more of a service than just

here’s this house.

Justin Stoddart 15:24
Well, there’s a physical move, right? Like you actually have to pack up your boxes into a new house. But then there’s this emotional move, right? Where you’ve got to actually move your friendships and your loyalties and your heart into this new community. What a powerful way for, you know, for moms to be able to do that. Yeah. Let’s talk about some of how you integrate your business with being a mom. Right? kind of very tactical. Because obviously, your kids always haven’t been in school. Right? There was a time when they were young. And with you. Yeah, what about lots a lot, you know, you know, to those moms that are out there that are saying, Yeah, that’s nice. You get dropping kids out of school, but I don’t. What advice would you give them because you’ve been there?

Stephanie Peck 15:59
Yeah. I’ll admit, that’s tough. It’s a tough time. For me because I was choosing to scale my business in a way that allowed me to be home with them. You know, nap times were crucial times. But that was the times where I was able to make the phone calls and do some of that computer work at homework. So I use that time really wisely. I used weekends really wisely. You know, it was, it was hard, my husband walks in the door, and I walk out the door that happened a lot of times for evening showings, and we can showings but we always made it work, I made friends with some stay at home moms in the neighborhood. So that helped, you know, just for those click drop-offs of the In-Home daycare person that lived down the street, grandma’s I mean, all of that, you just got to utilize your resources. And I think for me now being in a little bit of a later stage when my kids are an element preschool. So they’re still very needy, but they’re not all day long needy.

For me now looking back, I can just say that. That was a really important time. And it was a really short time. So for a mom, I know that I can say there’s always going to house to sell. And if you’re not selling all of them in this five-year chunk of time with your kids, it’s okay. I had to tell myself that all the time, because then, you know, kids got a little bit older, time freed up, and I was able to do more. And I’m still always looking for that next goal.

Justin Stoddart 17:36
I love that I think you know, the classic analogy of big rocks first, is it like outline be very specific and intentional about what at what points of the day you want to be there for your kids. And work around that. And I don’t think it’s it’s a bad thing to tell people. Is it? I can’t be with me at that point. At that time. I have an appointment.

Stephanie Peck 17:55
Yes. All the time. I say that like, Yeah,

Justin Stoddart 17:57
that’ll be the No, it’s not with another client. It’s right of the business. And I will say that in a bad way. But the fact is, you have other commitments, you’re committed in other places, which frankly, makes you just as if not more valuable when you show up and meet with them face to face, right. And so use it like I can at that time, I’ve got a lot going I’ve got a recurring commitment at that time. I’d be very comfortable saying no, right. Yeah. And I can’t read these hours. This is my availability and it. Oftentimes when real estate agents are positioned themselves as true professionals, we don’t expect our doctor to be available every hour of every day, nor do we expect our attorney to be that way. In fact, we’re a little concerned that they are it’s like Do you not have any other patients and having commitments? There’s a little bit of, I think, peace and comfort knowing that the professional that we want to use, we’ve got away for just a little bit, right. Yeah, it’s like till the next day, I think it’s okay, to not have to pick up your phone during dinner and respond within minutes. And I think that’s a fallacy because people have access to you. It doesn’t even mean on the other side that they expect you to respond that way. You know, I get guilty of that. It’s like, um, I guess they asked me something. I need to respond right away. Right. You’re training them to say that I’m when I’m called. Dr. Right. Yeah.

Yeah. I don’t know if you have any thoughts around that of like, the day to day of like, being able to, like have barriers and boundaries because I feel like that’s one of the biggest infiltrators to people’s peace is their with their kids, but they’re looking at their screen and said their kids face and they feel guilty for both, right?

Stephanie Peck 19:20
Yes, exactly. So you’re doing a half good job at both things, right. And I’m guilty of it all the time. So I don’t work. Perfect in that way. Because yes, there’s, I get that that person that mentions me on Facebook, Stephanie pack is a great realtor, you should use her, I feel like I need to respond right away. Because if I don’t 20 other realtors are going to be behind me responding. So you know, and, and my kids understand that to where I had those conversations. But there are times where I need you to be quiet for a few minutes so that I can respond to this message or get this thing done. And that, you know, have to be just as flexible as I do. But yeah, I learned right away that your clients don’t need to know what you’re doing everything. Oh, yeah. And they totally respect the fact that you have other clients or other business or other things to do. So when I need to say, I’m actually not available at four o’clock, but I would love to be able to meet you at five o’clock. Okay, great. They don’t question that. They don’t say, oh, why? Because you’re stuck with your kids, and you’re not doing a good enough job for me. Nobody’s ever said that to me.

Justin Stoddart 20:33
If they did, I would recommend saying goodbye.

Awesome stuff. And I’ll also add this event again, having come out of a home with a very entrepreneurial mom.

I felt like she was always there when it mattered. Yeah, and it’s interesting, her biggest clients felt like she was always there when it mattered. And she had a great staff and team and support systems to where what it didn’t need to be hurt, wasn’t her. Yeah, she showed up. It was impactful. Right? That’s so and I love also just to kind of highlight what you said in case any missed it, that there will always be homes to sell, like, Don’t feel like you need to give up your kids childhood, because you’ve got to get to some award this year, like be okay with the fact of like, you know, maybe it’s I’m going to sell a home a month, I’m gonna sell two homes a month, like whatever that looks like for you. Or one a quarter for having said, You know, I don’t necessarily love kind of hobby realtors that don’t do it enough to actually do their clients’ good service. I think that if you can like you owe it to your clients to be a higher producer so that you can always have their best interests in mind. However, don’t choose the scale of your business, based on some outside pressure. But more as you said, I kind of back to your kind of deep why,

Stephanie Peck 21:44
yeah, I’m always thinking about what-what is my goal is my goal to be number one on the list, maybe not as my goal to be a solid producer and feel really confident in the people that I am serving, and still be able to be there at the times where it matters for my family. So that’s always what I’m thinking of is, you know, who am I trying to serve? Here? My trying to serve my ego? Or am I trying to serve my family? And sometimes I have to do a gut check on that, too. And always, you know, always thinking about the bigger goal for me, I’ve got a five-year plan, I’ve got a 10-year plan, I’ve got a 20-year plan in my business because I’m okay with it not all happening now. And I want it to happen someday, though. So that’s where, you know, I’m keeping that think bigger mentality for me is saying, you know, if I wanted to increase my sales by 10 or 20 a year, I’m going to sit down and say, What What would it take to do that? What activities do I need to do for prospecting and advertising and getting myself out there? I’m going to list all of that out and look at what activities would be required to get myself to that next level. And then I’m going to ask myself, is that something that I’m willing to do now? Sometimes it’s Yes, yeah, I can do that. I can integrate it into what I have going on. And sometimes it’s not now. And I’m going to keep it on the list and save it for later. Because my kids aren’t going to be this age forever. And they’ll still be selling real estate 20 years from now, and I can do it then. So I’m, you know, always setting those goals and always keeping that in mind. But I’m okay with saying now’s not the right time.

Justin Stoddart 23:32
Very powerful. In fact, you illustrated that very early on, when you were supposed to receive the Rookie the Year award. Yeah. And where were you? Actually?

Stephanie Peck 23:40
I was having a baby that day

Justin Stoddart 23:42
was a choice. Like force. You couldn’t be there. But

Stephanie Peck 23:45
it was that wake-up moment? Okay. It’s not It’s not all about me anymore. It’s not all about what’s convenient for me. Yeah, that was I’ve been calling my principal broker that morning and saying that he can you received the award for me because I’m having a baby today and


Justin Stoddart 24:03
You were receiving another trophy that’s a little more valuable than the one you guys are gonna have.

Stephanie Peck 24:07
Yeah, exactly.

Justin Stoddart 24:09
Great stuff. You know, this has been so fun. I don’t know if there are any questions that the audience has. I know, we’ve posted through masters in real estate. If you have a question, please let us know. I know that there were a few questions came out like kind of the tactical, I feel like we’ve covered a little bit of that. Is there anything else that we’ve missed that maybe you feel like it’s been a real game changer for you in the way that you structure your day? Any just tried true, like tactics and practices that have been really helpful for you that would be helpful for a mom as a real kind of takeaway from today?

Stephanie Peck 24:38
Yeah, I did get the question about, it was somebody that was about to have another baby. And she was saying, Okay, I’m about to dive into this, how am I gonna do I think I talked about that a little bit, you know, we’re just using the resources that you have, and not being afraid to call the neighbor and say, Hey, can you hold the baby for a couple of hours? I mean, most people are happy to do that. So we don’t have to live in a world where we have to be so self-sufficient. You know, it’s that takes a village mentality. I mean, I think it does. So don’t be afraid to use the resources that you have, and find ways to make it work. And,

yeah, just don’t, don’t let yourself get in your own way. I think that’s, that’s when I learned and I felt confident saying, okay, I can still do this, I can be this person. And I can, I can show up at library time with my toddler and land a listing appointment. And I was able to do that pretty consistently. And I still have in the sporting events, I’m going to sponsor everyone that I can, and I’m going to get my name out and I’m going to sell the house to my kids’ Taekwondo instructor, and then they’re going to refer me to three other people at the school. And I can integrate everything that my kids are already doing with obtaining business. And I when I was in the teddy bear parade last weekend, and you know,

a small town community parade where you’re going down Main Street, and you’re throwing out candy, and my kids loved it. So that’s something that I was already going to go to the parade minus will sponsor it, get my name on all the flyers and drive-thru, throw candy out the window, and the families love it. And half the people that I saw out on the streets are people that I already know, through other avenues of family life. So yeah, so you know, just that, that practical time of use the time that you have in front of people and use it wisely and put it real estate as a part of it. Because whether whatever you’re doing, whether you’re a mom, or you’re at the chamber or something, you’re in front of people, that’s all it takes is just be in front of people and be intentional about the conversations that you’re having with them.

Justin Stoddart 26:57
So but by being a great mom, it’s gonna open up a lot of doors. You know, the places are everywhere you go with your kids serving your kids, those same people either own real estate, or they want to own real estate. Yeah. And I would, I would say, this is gonna be a little bit of a soapbox, but I think a lot of people use it as a crutch, saying, I can’t because of my mom, yet they know every scene of what’s happening in Game of Thrones. I’m gonna, you know, I mean, let’s be honest here, like, what’s really getting in the way? Is it? Is it the fact that like, I don’t want to, or I really can’t, and if it’s because you’re choosing, looking at your child’s face, or looking at a customer’s face, I applaud you. Yeah. But if it’s because you’re spending hours on Netflix, and you’re saying I can’t, because my mom, I’m going to call you, I’m going to call you out. And I’m going to say you can be successful and have significance, right. And this doesn’t mean that this is for everybody. But if the inside of you feel like you are supposed to be doing real estate, and you could serve people and bless families lives by doing it, take a look at really what’s taking up your time. Right. And if it’s parental activities, keep them don’t change them. But there’s another fluff and stuff in there, right? You might be able to replace some of that was serving additional clients or even getting into the real estate industry.

Stephanie Peck 28:05
Yeah. And knowing that your kids are okay, if you do that, you know, your you’d like you’re saying you’re taking time away from your kids and your family one way or another, whether it’s being on Facebook all day, or playing Candy Crush, or whatever it is that we’ve all been guilty of doing while we’re ignoring our kids.

Justin Stoddart 28:27

Stephanie Peck 28:27
Yes. But you’re, you’re taking time away from them regardless. So why not, why not use those use that time for productive activity, instead of time-wasting activity,

Justin Stoddart 28:40
you know, more is caught than taught, I was taught that in at an early age. And again, I’m not promoting to anybody that is a great stay at home mom and believes that they should be there do that stay there. But for those of you that have made the decision that I also belong in the workforce, you know, then it becomes important, I think for you to recognize is that that you can bring a lot of value, not just in contributing to the family from a from a monetary standpoint, but also teaching your kids hard work focus time blocking side. So these principles that we all learn and know and will bless their lives. Like there’s actually an opportunity for you to model some really important and valuable lessons that they’ll take with them. Case in point, I’ve learned a lot from my entrepreneurial mom, and my entrepreneurial stepmom. Both, and if in fact, she was a real estate agent, and so I get how all-consuming this industry can be and how it behooves people to set boundaries. Yeah, and be able to really be grateful.

Stephanie Peck 29:36
Yeah, yeah. And I’m for Mother’s Day, I thought this was just so fitting. You know, the kids bring home the questions that their teachers asked them. And so I got that on Mother’s Day. And knowing that this was coming up, I thought, How perfect my daughter who’s she’s seven, and she’ll say occasionally I wouldn’t be a real estate agent or you know, I’m mini real life realtor was like that. But she filled out all of her questions. And it was what’s the thing that I love doing with my mom, I love when she plays with me. I love when she snuggles me all of that. And I liked hearing that, like, Okay, good. I’m doing those things enough. Yeah, you’re seeing that that’s making an impact. But one of the questions was what something my mom was really good at. And she wrote, being a realtor. And I loved that both of my passions were reflected her and that she expressed that in school on her own and that she’s proud of me, too. You know, my, my kids are proud of me. And my kids want to be like me when they grow up. And I mean, that’s, that’s what we’re all striving for.

Justin Stoddart 30:42
one of the comments that came up in this top agent, the mastermind from a really high producing agent, she said, very few children of real estate agents want to become real estate agents. And I think, in part because it was bad, those it’s tough to draw those boundaries, right. And they see mom and dad on the phone all the time. Another Top Producing agent said, in fourth grade, I came home and had a whole picture of the family and mom was kind of behind everybody on the phone. She’s like, that was a real eye-opener for me. Yeah, like, how are they gonna see me? I had a similar experience. It’s like my kids made these little Play-Doh things that were like, Okay, time to correct some things. So yeah, we’re definitely not perfect at this. But we’re definitely family first, and learning with all of you. So this has been probably, quite possibly my favorite episode of all time is kind of total blast. Hearing a real-life mom talk about a topic that’s that, you know, means so much to me, which is family and not giving that up for also being great in the workforce. So want to thank you, Stephanie, for this opportunity.

Stephanie Peck 31:35
Yeah, I’m really grateful and honored to even be here with you, because I do I watch you every day. And I think, Wow, those are some big hitters. And I take pieces from it. But I also am guilty of saying, I’m just not there. And I’m okay with not being there. I’m not ready to be there yet. So for me to feel like I can be part of the thing. Yeah, yeah. It’s awesome. And I, I just want to share that with everybody out there. I mean, anyone who’s a mom that’s thinking of getting into real estate or been a realtor and now has become a mom or just struggling with the same things that I’m struggling with. I’m just excited to share it with you guys.

Justin Stoddart 32:15
I think for me to not take the accomplishments of a mother and add them to whatever production and and not have that be considered a big thinker would be a gross error on my part, that does not say that the incredible work that mothers do is far more important, anybody that sells 1000 homes or 500 homes a year right? To me, it’s the work that Stephanie’s doing the home and many of you are doing is more important have more of an impact on society, and on your own happiness than anything else. So one last question before I forget my signature question, which is this? What do you do Stephanie to intentionally think bigger?

Stephanie Peck 32:52
Yeah, I, for me, I’m always thinking of what’s my next step? What’s my next goal. And even if it’s not today’s goal, it could be my three years from now goal or my five years from now goal. I have a list a mile long in my phone, I have great marketing ideas, great strategies that I want to implement. And some of them I’m ready to do right now. And some of them I need to table for later. So and I’m okay with that. And I’m happy to be able to say that’s a great idea. I can’t wait to do that when my kids are old enough to stay home by themselves and I have an extra couple of hours or you know when they ride the bus home or something. But I’m just I’m always thinking of how can I reach more people? How can I be having more intentional conversations? And that’s how I keep the wheels going and keep that think bigger mindset.

Justin Stoddart 33:50
I love it. So awesome. Good. Thank you all for tuning in today. We’ve got a few viewers here. Just want to thank you for tuning in. Feel free to post any comments or questions you have afterward and probably a big thank you to Stephanie for you know, allowing us to do this and one of her beautiful listings. Yeah, if you guys can see the view out the back here. I should turn here just

Stephanie Peck 34:07
Darn Portland.

Justin Stoddart 34:10
check out this view at the back here. kind of see your lights anyway. Absolutely gorgeous view I had no idea was here. This is my good friends with their home. And they probably invited me and I just hadn’t taken them up on the opportunity yet. So this has been really fun to see their beautiful home. Stephanie’s actually been trying to tell me the KB homes for sale Justin and right

Stephanie Peck 34:28
yeah, you need a big house.

Justin Stoddart 34:30
I do have a big family.

Stephanie Peck 34:31
Yeah, I mean even on a cloudy day. It’s still beautiful.

Justin Stoddart 34:34
says For sure. Anyway, thank you again, for tuning in. And please let Stephanie know how much you appreciate what she has contributed today by sharing this out and look forward to talking with you all again soon.