In her own words, here is Gogo’s story:

“I came to the US in 2003 to build my American Dream. By process of elimination; after trying to work in data entry in a warehouse, a sales rep in a jewelry store, restaurant food safety auditor to stay at home mom, to waitress; my neighbor recommended I’ll be a Realtor. She referred me to a local brokerage. They offered me a job if I pass my test. I did and I was so excited to be a Realtor! Reality kicked me in the a** very quickly. Realized over 80% of the Realtors give up in the 1st year. I was not about to be a statistic. But I was also broke, no SOI, no experience, barely speaking english with $6 to my name. So that left me with nothing else but Facebook at the time. That’s where I started. I created Gogo’s Real Estate and my real estate career started! It took me a few years to get the rhythm of things but I’m proud to say with the power of social media I’ve sold over $56M in residential real estate transactions.

I share the good, the bad, and the ugly side of real estate, and my honest snippets into my every day got me tens of thousands of followers and in the real estate community I earned the nickname “the social media Queen”. More and more I got asked to talk at different real estate events teaching Realtors how to build a brand and become their own lead generating magnet. I also built a social media bootcamp for Realtors so I can help thousands of agents at the same time. You can find it at

Throughout my career I’ve been with 3 brokerages. Real Estate One was my 1st one and stayed with them for 6.5 years. I got recruited all the time but I had it so good at REO, I really had no reason to switch. Then because my Instagram and Facebook following took off, most followers being agents, Keller Williams got to me with their “profit share” model. So February 2018 I switched to KW. But profit share opened my eyes to “revenue share” and in Nov 2018, I switched to Exp Realty. It was a great business decision, maybe the best in my career. Today I have a team of 160+ agents and are growing nationwide.

My goal is to help as many agents as I possibly can to make a name for themselves in this cut-throat industry. If I can do it, this girl from Transylvania, Romania with no US education, no SOI, no money, no experience, and an accent then THEY can definitely do it.”

Some of the most valuable takeaways from my conversation with Gogo were:

  • How she has her Instagram and Facebook accounts set up and why
  • How she has her team structured and why she chose eXp
  • How often she posts and for what purpose only does she use paid advertising
  • What she does to think bigger and expand her possibilities: daily visualization of her biggest goals as a current reality

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