There is no shortage of people inside and outside the real estate industry telling you the opportunities that are NO LONGER AVAILABLE in today’s market.

Although, wouldn’t it be more interesting to listen to opportunities that ARE AVAILABLE in today’s market?

I think so too!

This episode features Todd Pigott, Principal and President of ZINC Financial and the ZINC Income Fund.

Todd is passionate about the private money equity space. For over 18 years, he was President of one of Central Valley’s most prominent interior and exterior maintenance companies, employing more than 400 individuals.

Now, devoting full time to private money lending, Todd presides over three separate entities.

Founded in 2007, ZINC Financial is a licensed lender having originated and serviced close to $1 billion in loans, with a loss ratio of less than 1/8%. The ZINC Income Fund was started in 2020 as a vehicle for investors to benefit from ZINC Financial’s lending.

Todd Pigott has been featured on local news programs, as a speaker for CMA, California’s largest organizations for private money lenders, as a speaker at mortgage schools on the topic of profiting on distressed assets, and has been a featured guest on the national TV news programs, “Moving America Forward” hosted by William Shatner.

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