Stacy Bahrenfuss, the Limitless Agent. At the young age of 19 Stacy entered the real estate industry. Since then she’s purchased a development where she built 11 custom homes, been a solo agent, built a team, built a brokerage, and now inspires agents in her brokerage and through her Limitless Realtor Circle coaching group. In this episode we dig into what a limitless mindset is and how you get it. We discuss what to do when we’re not feeling confident and what we can do to inspire others to be more confident. 
Some of the topics that we discussed were:
  • Mindset is the foundation. Many know the tactics and strategies but don’t use them. Why? Because they’re missing the mindset piece. They’re missing the confidence. 
  • There are people listening today that have a time but are finding their teammates uninspired. There are two things to which you should pay attention:
    • Your own mood and how you show up around them. Are you inspiring them? 
    • Your direct conversations with them. Are you telling them how you really feel about their potential and their performance?  
  • What to do when you’ve outgrown your leadership and the agents around you and still want to keep thinking bigger.