Traci owned one of the largest Century 21 offices in the world & has trained 1,000s of agents. She was Keller Williams #1 recruiter globally in 2012. Traci is the author of several books & has been featured on many radio, podcasts & TV shows, including Flip This House, the New York Times, The CBS Morning Show, CNBC Power Lunch & The Success Radio Network.

Is the training at your real estate office “Here’s your cubicle, here’s the Criss Cross directory and a Mike Ferry script.”? That’s what I got, they said, “Go get them, girl, you’re gonna be great.” Well, by the grace of God, I had enough tenacity to make enough cold calls to make a living. The thing is with real estate you can find a new life and a new lifestyle. Even in this market.

Immediate next steps in this market to shore up your business are: Take a deep analysis of your business and really take a look at what’s ahead for you. Look at what is coming in the door, and what is actually going out. Take a deep dive into where you’re spending money, and what is not serving you anymore. Ask yourself “Where’s my business coming from?” Find that out and double down on it. 

Reach out to your center of influence right now and have conversations! “You know, I’m in real estate. We’re seeing a lot of shifts in the real estate market, and I’m curious, this is a really good time to invest in real estate, have you considered doing that?” Or “Homes in our area still have really strong prices. Have you thought about selling while the market is still good?” And if you have people in your pipeline who are renting, “I know you’ve seen your rent increase by 10 10% 15%. Over the past few years. We’re seeing prices adjust in certain markets. Have you given any thought to buying a house now?” 

It is time to reach back out to the people that know you like you and trust you, you’re gonna get much better results. People are much more selective about who they do business with, whenever the market shifts.

What worked two or three years ago doesn’t work anymore. People are looking for leaders, and it might as well be you. If you want your clients to grow and prosper, if you want to help your clients increase their net worth, it’s the perfect time to be guiding people in the power of real estate.

Don’t watch the news. It’s not your job to worry about what’s going on in the global real estate economy or what’s going on statewide or nationwide. It’s your job to know what’s going on in the real estate community that you serve in the subdivision that you serve. What the opportunities in real estate are going to be in the next six to 12 months? 

Also at times like this, agents themselves start looking around and asking themselves, am I at the right brokerage? So if you’re in the brokerage business, now’s a great time, if you’re an agent, it’s also a great time to audit to say, am I at the best possible place? Number one, are my fees in line and number two am I around leaders that have the kind of vision, positivity and forward thinking that will see us grow through this market?

This is a great opportunity for professional real estate agents to go deeper with their clients, to go deeper with their education, and to build a business that will not only thrive through this recession but when we come out of it. You can have success in the real estate business in this downturn market. 


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