I spent 3 days learning from one of the most iconic companies in the world. I’m excited to share the lessons that apply directly to your real estate business.

How did Disney attract a cult-like following? Disney is iconic and one of the most recognizable brands in the world. If you want to create that kind of culture in your business and with your brand, then I have a treat for you!

Client Attraction

We’re always looking to add more value to more clients. How does Disney do this? Despite being MONSOON season, the park was packed! They’re an example that there is always room for more clients. Let’s evaluate these things and see if you’re truly doing these each day:

  1. Always be adding new clients
  2. Always be in conversation with people about Real Estate (conversations  -> contracts -> commissions!)
  3. Always think about ways you can earn new clients

Client Experience

Even though it was back-to-school this month, the park was still decked with Halloween decorations and hosted trick-or-treating each night. People are willing to wait over an hour in lines for their experience, because they know it will be worth it. We ate ice cream cones in the pouring rain because we knew it would be worth the experience! And it was.

“Does this place ever shut down?” Never. Holidays, inclement weather, even hurricanes.

  1. Surprise and Delight
  2. Communicate clear expectations about the experience
  3. Make discomfort part of the adventure

Who are your ideal clients?

I am not that person for Disney. They’d ideally like to see someone stay the night in the Park, spend money on all things Disney and even have fractional ownership properties, committing all vacations to Disney.

Prioritize your database. Ten percent of these will be your Ideal Clients. Cater your experience and value so that they commit all their conversations about Real Estate to YOU. This is how you show up ABOVE average.

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