Gus Munoz Castro of Power ISA teaches how to convert Internet leads. While many say that investing in Internet leads is a waste of time and money, there are others that have tremendous success from this method. What is the difference? Gus and his team of over 65 inside sales agents set over 100 appointments every day. Learn the three keys to better conversions in this episode.

Those keys include:

  1. Speed. Waiting hours or days to reply to Internet leads will greatly diminish your ability to convert these leads. If you can’t do that, leverage automation.
  2. Long-term follow-up plan. Realize that on average it takes 14 attempts to get someone to respond. Continue following up until they reply or tell you that they’re not interested.
  3. Once in contact, come with undeniable value. Don’t come transactionally, come with them in mind. What do they need?

Gus also shared what you do to get the consumer to start to open up and share more with you that allows you to add value. Think about the FORD acronym- Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams or Goals. By asking open-ended questions, and get to the reason why they want to move, you will be able to build trust and be more open to sharing things that will be more of a pleasant conversation. Now you can add value towards whatever need they have.
Gus also shared some interesting insight around how he continues to be a Big Thinker and expand his possibilities. He shared how in our professions, the tool that we use to serve people is actually our mind. Therefore, it becomes necessary for us to take time every day to sharpen and improve our mind.

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