Be Well Amid Covid-19. How do you stay well mentally, emotionally and physically when we are in a stay at home situation? We ask Sarita Dua who has a passion for wellness and adding genuine concern to her community while being a top producing real estate agent, MIT prospective MBA 2020 graduate, and a devoted wife and mother. 


Sarita Dua, one of the top producing real estate agents in the Portland Metro area for the past 14 years is here to help us answer that question.

Mental Wellness-  Be careful of the news, which are more politically motivated than anything else. Take this time to decide what is going to stay in your life and what is not.

Emotional Wellness- Go serve other people. Reach out to those that are in need. Enjoy the time with your loved ones while leaning into reaching out via phone with those that may need support.

Physical Wellness- accountability is critical. Find people with whom you can be really authentic and really accountable.