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Warm referrals are better than cold leads.  Justin teaches how to get RECURRING, WARM REFERRALS from professionals in neighboring industries. His insights include teaching you how to go "upstream" to get more and better business from fewer relationships. 

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Those who can best grow their thinking and their possibilities are found not by default, but by intention. The Think Bigger Real Estate Show gives you time with those that are thinking BIG and achieving BIG, giving you the inspiration and help to do the same. 

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Justin’s insight and inspiration is golden…truly! Our team is encouraged to go deeper with our clients, to make an impact on those we serve. Discussions like what we have with Justin pay off. I so appreciate him for caring about us and investing in us. We want to get better and he is helping us along.

Morgan Davis, Keller Williams Realty


Prepare to have your mind blown with energy, optimism, and incredible service. My mind is still in shock of how the rest of the industry is in the dark ages, and Justin is turning the industry on its ear. Justin is like my iPhone. I never knew I needed the iPhone until I had one. I didn’t know I needed Justin on my team until I met him. Now, I can’t think of doing business without him.

-Heather Robbins, Robbins Realty Group


My business is built on referrals and content marketing. I could not write a long enough letter here to overstate how many doors have been opened by making connections for me both in and out of the real estate industry. My content now has global reach and my team continues to grow. I have a huge advantage because Justin Stoddart is a part of my business.

-Nick Krautter, City & State Real Estate